Home of the #1 Sandwich in the North State
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Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu

Burrito / Croissant / Bread


Two scrambled eggs & green onions
with choice of one each


MEATS                                            CHEESE

Gourmet Peppered Bacon                  Cheddar
Ham                                                 Swiss
Turkey                                            Monterey Jack


Non-Dairy -                                                           Vegetarian -
Eggs & green onions, avocado,             
          Eggs & green onions, cheese,
chopped tomato , no butter                              chopped tomato


SUPER – incl. with above, additional:        Charleston with the above

Two cheeses, tomato, avocado                         Avocado, Pepper Jack cheese,
                                                                                    green chiles, salsa


O.J.  / Milk  / Chocolate Milk / Hot Chocolate / Hot Teas


5 days a week -  Mon.-Fri. Breakfast served until 11:00 a.m.